Oregon Wine Month 2014

2014 Oregon Wine Month

Oregon Wine Month was established by decree of Gov. John Kitzhaber in 2012 to celebrate and highlight our growing community, and to encourage Oregonians to choose Oregon wine first. The OWB began promoting Oregon Wine Month to consumers with the support of Oregon's wineries, retailers, restaurateurs and distributors.

The goals of Oregon Wine Month are to:

  1. Raise awareness and encourage consumers to buy Oregon wines first.
  2. Drive tasting room traffic starting in May and continuing throughout the summer.
  3. Increase Oregon wine sales at off-premise locations.

The OWB is putting its resources into raising awareness and distributing point-of-sale merchandising supporting Oregon wine. An advertising campaign has already begun and will continue to run through June in 1859 Magazine, Portland Monthly Magazine, Sip Northwest, Oregon Wine Press, Eastern Oregon Magazine, Southern Oregon Magazine, KINK radio, OPB radio and Northwest Vine Time (which airs on Northwest radio stations from Ashland to Seattle). The 2014 Oregon Wine Month campaign is the most aggressive media campaign produced recently by the OWB, and is only possible thanks to the publications and radio stations who partnered with OWB in support of our industry by providing discounted rates and in-kind airtime.

Additionally, the OWB has delivered a set of point-of-sale materials to distributors and will be mailing two 11" x 17" posters and a window cling to each winery in its database. If you do not receive a package by mid-April, please contact Rose Cervenak


                                 The Success of Oregon Wine Month Depends on You!


What can you do to promote and capitalize on Oregon Wine Month this May? Here are some suggestions: 

  • Promote Oregon Wine Month in your tasting room, through email blasts, on your website and directly to your wine club members. Web graphics and posters are available as digital files for your use.
  • Work with your distributor and/or sales team to offer incentives and programs to drive energy and sales.
  • Schedule in-store tastings with your retail partners to be sure your wines are promoted, tasted and sold. 
  • Organize wine socials and dinners with restaurant and wine bar vendors. 
  • Coordinate events with your local AVA or regional marketing groups.
  • Offer special Wine Month flights in your tasting room. Consider verticals, library selections and/or unique food pairings, as well as a "Deal of the Day" as many retailers are doing now.
  • Do something unique, interesting and fun to draw more people to your tasting room. Consider holding winemaker barrel races (literally a race to see who can roll their barrel the fastest through a course) followed by a barrel tasting, or a spring foraging class to pair foraged foods with your wine, or midnight walks in the vineyard, etc.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to send all the details to Michelle Kaufmann so your Wine Month events are listed on the official OWB Oregon Wine Month calendar and included in social media activities. 


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